Local Energy Communities

Interconnect companies and optimize their energy assets by sharing energy amongst them.

On-grid or off-grid?

The use of locally available energy sources, regardless of if renewable or not combined with our smart power solution, enables communities to always have reliable and self-sufficient energy.

Grid is not available?

We have microgrids solutions

Flexible Technology Simplifies Complicated Project

We develop solutions perfectly adapted to the needs of energy communities. Our converters are fully modular, compatible with multiple battery chemistries and easily integrated into cabinets or fully containerized solutions.

The modularity and flexibility of our systems allow to grow along with the needs of the energy communities. It also enables us to connect multiple companies and citizens using renewable energies to optimize their energy production and consumption.

Let’s share!

The community members are connected together with a centralized Energy Management System (EMS). In combination with our storage systems, the produced energy in the community can be stored, shared, used or sold within the community. Therefore, prosumers generating renewable energies can store the energy in the local battery for later use or sell excess energy to other members of the community.
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