Commercial and industrial

Commercial and Industrial

A better energy use can directly impact companies’ expenses, their reputation and the continuity of their activities. Our energy storage solutions help you reach this point!

Shave your peaks of consumption

An important factor of the energy cost is the peak consumption. This peak grid usage can be avoided by reducing consumption or using local stored energy. How? Our systems do not require changes in your business process. Our solution measures the actual consumption and inject energy from the batteries before the peak arrives. By doing so, you will not only help with grid stabilization but also reduce your energy costs.


Self-consumption of renewable energies

Many companies produce their own renewable energy. However, the energy consumption is almost never in line with the production. Our energy storage solutions are there to help you maximize your self-consumption by storing the excess of your produced energy into battery storage system and use it later.

This self-consumption results in an important cost saving as the local generated energy is usually cheaper than the energy from the grid.

Get paid to support the grid

Due to the introduction of more and more renewable energy in the grid, there is an increased need to balance demand and supply. To do so, DSOs are willing to pay owners of energy storage systems to help them balancing the grid. How?

  1. Our storage systems can be aggregated into the Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) pool.
  2. Sell it through the intraday market to grid management facility, local energy community or directly to the intraday market.

Moreover, grid support is reducing the return on investment of the energy storage system dramatically.

Power Booster

Some situations require a huge amount of power within a limited period of time. The problem is that grid operators often charge you extra or simply don’t allow you to take that amount of energy from the grid as it will disturb its stability. With our Power Booster systems, you store energy from your PV or when the energy from the grid is cheaper and use it during these critical periods.

Business continuity

Power interruptions can cost hundreds of thousands for every hour the facility is out of service. Many of our energy management systems have UPS functionality embedded. With one solution, we can secure your most critical loads, reduce your energy costs and be self-sustainable.

The power backup provides resilient power for significant durations, ensuring business continuity even in case of power outage.

Solution adapted to your needs

The energy transition requires solutions supporting enterprises in their efficient and correct use of both energy from grid and from local production (such as PV or wind turbine).

Every project is unique, and our team is there to help you making it a reality. Together, we analyze your needs and with our internal skills we develop a solution adapted to your needs.

Want to go further?

An optimal use of energy is also achieved thanks to an efficient Power Management System (PMS). This is why we have developed our own PMS that can be integrated to a third-party Energy Management System (EMS).

You have your own PMS or EMS? No problem, our solutions can be connected to it!

Want to know more about our PMS?

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