Power Management System

Optimize energy flows using storage solutions and smart control for significant savings.

System Architecture

Our PMS (Power Management System) is connected to our power converters, batteries and power meters. Therefore, it has all the information required to manage and control your energy!

PMS Architecture - Inview X

Don’t think about it

The PMS has the intelligence on board to charge or discharge the battery storage system. It maximizes the self-consumption and peak shavings without any direct intervention from you.

Consequences? You save money and reduce the CO2 impact by optimizing your self-consumption while keeping your normal operations.

Go further

The PMS may be extended with an external EMS (Energy Management System) to optimize your consumption and production even further with energy market integration and weather forecast.

When electricity rates are at their lowest or when you produce renewable energy, you charge your batteries. On the contrary, during the most expensive time of the day or when you can’t produce your own energy, you will discharge your batteries.

No grid? No problem!

The PMS can transform your Energy Storage Sytems into a microgrid. In case of power outage or when there is no grid (islanding), your loads are supplied by both your solar panels and batteries. The PMS will make sure to maximize the use of all the renewable energy available (wind, solar, hydro,…) and the batteries.

What’s in it for you?

Whether you are an integrator, an end-user or a power utility our PMS solution can bring you many benefits.

For end-users:

  • Save on your energy bill
  • Optimize your PV investment
  • Save the planet (reduce CO2 impact)
  • Decrease grid dependency or become independent

For integrators:

  • Platform for integration with your solution
  • Control remotely to meet your needs
  • Benefit from several safeguards to avoid any safety issues
  • Take advantage of hourly and/or dynamic pricing schemes
  • Benefit from CE+T’s experience in power conversion

For utilities (TSO/DSO):

  • Stabilize the grid by integrating the controlled assets into your flexibility pool
  • Avoid huge civil works to oversize complete infrastructure to fix congestions

For Energy Suppliers:

  • Integrate the assets into your storage pool to mitigate imbalance
  • Optimize the energy for your consumers in combination with time of use (flexible hourly tariffs, energy arbitrage)
  • Become a real ESCO (Energy Service Company)

Ready to smartly manage your energy?

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