Standard & Modular Systems

Optimize your energy consumption and production to save money and help to grid stabilization.

Why are Energy Storage Systems important?

We could write pages about this, but here is a big summary. Energy Storage Systems are at the heart of the energy transition. Not only it helps mitigate the risks of the unpredictability of renewable energy sources, but it also contributes to stabilize the grid by matching production and consumption in real time.

Our solutions


Chose the Energy Storage System that best fits your needs. We offer standardized configurations starting from 40kW up to 240kW including:

  • Hercules modular power converters
  • Brand agnostic energy storage systems (e.g.: batteries)
  • PMS Controller

Each Atlas Energy Storage Systems can be combined with multiple battery strings from 40kWh up to 800kWh.

These systems can be parallelized in order to build multiple MW and MWh solutions.


Key Benefits:

  • Self consumption to maximize use of renewable energy
  • Peak Shaving to reduce your energy costs
  • Get paid for grid support
  • Secure your most critical loads by using Atlas as backup

… and many more!


It’s an Energy Management Solution ideal for Local Energy Communities and Microgrids applications, the solution contains at least:

  • PV panels (10 to 100kWp) or other renewable energies
  • Batteries (40 to +190kWh)
  • Stabiliti (30kW to 240kW off-grid or more if on-grid)

The solution is modular and therefore adapt to your needs.


    Key Benefits:

    • Provide energy in areas with no or unstable grid
    • Combine PV and batteries to have a standalone solution
    • Provide DC loads (such as EV chargers) with fully renewable energy
    • Connect different consumers, prosumers and energy sources to increase availability and reduce energy costs

    … and many more!

    Power Management System

    Want to leverage the possibilities of Energy Management? Our PMS has all the features to do it!

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