When the grid is not available, there are other ways to have access to energy. Our solutions are there to help you with that.

Powering remote areas

In remote areas, it is difficult to have an (uninterrupted) access to electricity. In 2019, 11% of world population still live in the dark. With our off-grid solution, you don’t need a genset or grid connection. You will be self-sustainable simply by connecting your loads, your renewable energy sources and batteries to our solution.

Power In Remote Area

Balanced production and consumption

Connect our Power Management System (PMS) to the different sources of energies such as solar panels, wind turbine and batteries. This advanced solution will then maximize the use of local renewable energies while making sure there will be enough power when consumption is high.


Solution adapted to your needs

Every project is unique and needs in terms of power and monitoring can vary a lot. Our team is there to analyze your situation to offer the solution that matches your new or existing infrastructure.

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