Multidirectional Converters

Manage your energy flows between AC and DC loads and sources including batteries. Be ready for the energy revolution!


Bidirectional ports, a revolution for the energy transition!

We offer 3 technology platforms, each based on innovative converters with 3 bidirectional ports. There are two possibilities: AC/DC/AC or DC/DC/AC. Anyway, the three ports built into each module can all function as input and output.

What’s in it for you?

Depending on your requirements, our platforms can provide:

  • Single module to connect everything (3 ports)
  • Modular, to grow with the needs
  • Grid Interactive
  • Grid disturbances protection
  • Battery protection (galvanic isolation)
  • Compatibility with many battery chemistries
  • Ready to integrate with to your BMS

This allows you to build your solution for the energy transition.

Energy Management Applications

Our multidirectional power converters are also ideally suited for energy management applications, with the option to protect critical loads. With the energy transition we all see, it’s time to introduce new features such as:

  • Peak shavings (reducing the bill)
  • Maximize self-consumption (with storage solutions)
  • Demand response (shifting the consumption over the time)
  • Grid Support (frequency support features)
  • Power Booster (provide peak power with limited grid connection)
  • Pure power supply (no voltage drop, sag or surge)

To do so, we have a Power Management System (PMS), there to help you leverage all the energy management possibilities.

Building Blocks

For loads up to 30 kW, use our Sierra or Hercules solutions and for higher loads, up to 200 kW, discover the Stabiliti.








Customized solutions

Now that you know everything about our building blocks, you can either chose to integrate them by yourselves in your systems or ask us for advice on how to integrate them!

Want a complete solution?

Discover our standard systems
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