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16 July 2020

CE+T strengthens position in the energy industry with a multimillion dollars agreement

Energy Storage

The US-based start-up Orison has designed an innovative plug-and-play residential storage solution. This wall panel will be installed in Australia and Europe with CE+T’s technology embedded. The start of a huge revolution in the energy transition!

Orison in kitchen

It’s time to change!

World energy consumption is increasing day by day and the grid is being pushed to its limits. Coupled with renewable energies and the expansion of electric cars, we will push the limits of today’s overloaded grid even further. Relieve the grid, lower energy cost and provide a backup solution is the offering of this solution. And that’s where Orison and CE+T Energrid come in.

Plug-and-play energy storage system

Orison, a US-based startup, has developed battery storage solution coupled with a home energy monitor that can be easily installed in any home or business: simply fix the panel on a wall, plug the battery into an ordinary electrical socket and you are operational! Each device has a maximum storage capacity of 2.2 kWh. If you need more power, just add more Orison panels to go up to 13.2 kWh. The size of your installation will depend on your energy production (renewable energies), your consumption and backup time. Estimate the size of your installation by visiting the Orison website (here).

The energy storage solution will help save money on energy costs. Coupled with a home energy monitor (included), the batteries can be charged when energy cost is lower, or generated by solar panels, and discharged at night when prices are higher.

In addition, in the event of a power failure, Orison’s modular battery system will provide backup to all equipment connected to it.

At the heart of the solution

Together with the smart power flow control, CE+T’s power electronics technology is the core component of this system. Based on Sierra 25 – 48/230, one proven product of CE+T Power’s multidirectional converter range, the solution offered has been redesigned to fit in a specific space and to become silent (the noise has to be very limited as the solution is designed for home). Therefore, CE+T Energrid has provided fanless multi-directional converters, Sierra 25 passive, that are integrated into Orison’s solution.

The three fully bidirectional ports (two AC and one DC) enable to manage the flows of energy circulating between the grid, the solar panels, the batteries and the critical loads.

Deal closed, systems on-field

Born 3 years ago together with CE+T Energrid itself, the collaboration of Orison and CE+T Energrid has been translated in a long-term deal and a 1st order of several million dollars. After passing regulatory approval, up to 4,000 Orison battery storage systems are slated to be tested in Australia. Tests in Europe and UK are also slated for testing before launching the product end of this year. And this is only the beginning!

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