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05 March 2021

ECI: the Future of Power Conversion


CE+T Energrid has the chance to be able to use the Enhanced Conversion Innovation (ECI) technology developed by his sister company CE+T Power, the industry-leading supplier of power conversion and power backup technology.

Three solutions in one

As of today, the power electronics experts work mainly with three types of converters:

  • Inverter, converts direct current to alternating current
  • Rectifier, converts alternating current to direct current
  • UPS, solution that combines an inverter and a rectifier with a battery to support critical application

The Enhanced Conversion Innovation combines those three energy converters with a high-efficiency and an energy buffer within a single module, offering a vast range of power conversion configurations for critical systems with up to 96% (AC/AC) and 94% (DC/AC & AC/DC) efficiency.

ECI - Bidirectional ports

The Enhanced Conversion Innovation (ECI), to do what?

Flexibility: ECI technology brings unprecedented efficiency, optimized availability and high-power density to any conceivable power conversion scenario. Each port – AC in, DC in and AC Out – can be set up in our factory in uni- or bidirectional mode, for use in inverters, UPSs, multi-conversion platforms or any other application as required.

Efficiency: ECI delivers 94% isolated DC/AC conversion efficiency – the best on the market. It also provides 96% AC/AC conversion efficiency, with a unity input power factor.

Availability and redundancy: ECI eliminates the static switch and also any single point of failure. Up to 32 modules can be paralleled on a single bus, allowing highly granular redundancy. Hot swappability minimises repair time, further improving availability.

Lifetime cost-effective solution: ECI’s incremental modularity means you can size your energy system according to your loads and scale it as it grows – no wasted capital or space. Operating costs are minimized too, due to ECI’s electrical efficiency and zero maintenance requirements.

ECI - Efficiency


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