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16 June 2022

Keep your power under control with backup power functionality


Power Backup functionality

Why you need backup?

Power outages can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for every hour the facility is out of service. Many of our energy management systems include “UPS” functionality. With one solution, you can secure your most critical loads, reduce your energy costs and be self-sufficient.

Indeed, we offer converters and inverters that are integrated into power management systems. As they are connected to batteries, energy can be stored and used later in case of power outage. Thanks to the 0ms transfer time there is absolutely no interruption when switching from grid to batteries or other alternative sources of power.

Backup, one of many features

The advantage of CE+T Energrid’s solutions is that the backup functionality is added to several other applications:

  • Grid Support: Customers with photovoltaic panels can store excess energy or feed it back into the grid. The objectives of this application are to support the grid and to take advantage of the monetary compensation.
  • Cost Reduction: Avoid consumption peaks in order to reduce your consumption. Companies can also reduce their energy costs by using their stored energy.
  • Power Boost: A company requiring a lot of energy cannot take a large amount of energy from the grid otherwise it will destabilise the grid and pay a high price for this demand. The solution is to take a quantity of energy from batteries and energy from renewables.

Which solution can we offer?

For loads up to 30 kW, use our Sierra or Hercules solutions and for higher loads, up to 200 kW, discover the Stabiliti.

CE+T Energrid will accompany you through the entire purchasing process, from helping you to identify the solution that will be most beneficial to you to the complete installation within your organisation. These modules do not require any additional installation costs. In fact, they will integrate seamlessly into your existing installation.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information !

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