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23 June 2021

Partner up for Energy Storage of tomorrow


Install batteries is the most common way to store energy. However, it is part of a bigger solution: Energy Storage Systems. Made of batteries, converter, renewable energies and a smart monitoring, this complete system plays an important role in the energy transition. Each element is critical and require a certain level of expertise but most importantly collaboration between experts to build THE solution. That’s what happened in the Netherlands when Starke Energy, ILeco and CE+T Energrid have partnered up.

Project Overview

Parteon provides sufficient, high-quality and affordable housing in the Zaan region, in the Netherlands. They were looking for a solution that will help them optimize their energy consumption, and therefore be greener.

The first milestone of this project is the installation in the headquarters of Parteon.

Energy Storage System for Parteon

What’s the role of each company in this project?

Starke Energy specialized in the battery management field. Therefore, they have provided the tool to monitor the batteries and make sure they are properly used without affecting their lifetime.

The Energy Management System (EMS) of ILeco is an energy analytics software platform. It provides information to understand and optimize the energy consumption.

CE+T Energrid’s role is to provide a standard but yet modular Energy Storage System made of converters (Hercules), batteries (Narada) and controller (Pegasus). This solution can be connected to the grid and/or renewable energy but also to the EMS and BMS.

What’s next?

Other systems will be built in the future to equip other buildings in the Netherlands, and support companies like Parteon in their energy transition.

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