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The CE+T Energy Storage installation

Storage solution at CE+T
CE+T Energrid and CE+T Power Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage Installation 80 kW of modular power converters and 150kWh of batteries connected to grid and PV


Green is not just a buzzword at CE+T. As we are more than convinced by energy storage solutions, it made sense to install ours in our plant in Belgium. The complete solution is now fully operational.

Why we did it?

The energy storage systems for Commerce & Industries are the ideal solution to reduce the electricity bill, secure the power supply of critical equipment, optimize the use of the renewable energy production and sustain the grid. Nowadays, the grid becomes increasingly difficult to stabilize and the number of power outages in the future will only increase.

For all these reasons, we do believe in energy storage solutions and we decided to equip our Belgian site with our own storage installation.


We installed 800 solar panels on the roof of our building in Wandre (Belgium) to complete the existing installation. These solar panels, along with our solar tracker, have a total production capacity of 230 kVA. Each year and during more than 20 years, about 225 MWh of energy should be produced on site.

Connected to this renewable production, we installed 80 kW of modular power converters (4 modules) and 85 kWh of batteries (150 kWh more to come). Combining all these components with an Energy Management System (EMS), we are now benefitting from a complete Smart Energy Storage Solution.

Installation Wandre - Schema

More than a showroom for our customers, we will use this amazing equipment as a living lab to improve and validate new features for our always broader products range!

Storage solution at CE+T


Thanks to this complete storage installation, CE+T increased its photovoltaic self-consumption rate to 36% and reached a green production representing 64% of the total consumption.

PV electricity production and additional applications from the battery like peaks shavings, self-consumption maximisation and power factor compensation will allow CE+T to save more than 35 000€ every year, for about 20 years, on its electricity bill.

As an example, we have reduced the 161-kW January 2020 peak by 28%.

Graph - CET Energy Storage Install

On top of this financial aspect, we benefit from a backup solution to save our loads in case of power outage thanks to the integrated backup functionality.

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