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Solkompaniet: energy storage system coupled with solar energy

Solkompaniet - Varberg instalaltion
Solkompaniet Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage System coupled with Solar Energy Multiple projects with modular multi-directional converter (Hercules), controller and batteries (Narada)


More and more companies want to be greener and, therefore, are looking for solutions that will help them optimize their use of renewable energies. Energy storage is key in the transition to a more sustainable world and Solkompaniet has understood it. That’s why they deliver energy storage solutions coupled with their solar energy to their numerous customers… And CE+T Energrid is part of the solution!


Solkompaniet was looking for a partner to deliver a modular system with converters and batteries that will communicate with an Energy Management System (EMS). The system should be adapted to the project and can vary between 100kW up to 1MW.

For which applications?

Companies can use their energy storage installations to:

  • Reduce their energy bill with peak shaving
  • Increase their self-consumption thanks to storage solutions
  • Help grid stabilization and create revenues by selling their excess of energy for Frequency Containment Reserves (FCR), FRR, FFR (pending)


How does CE+T Energrid help?

Our role was to provide a standard modular system able to communicate with the EMS. We delivered systems for multiple projects, each one is made of:

  • Hercules, our 20kW 3-phase power converter
  • Narada batteries (1c and 0,5c)
  • Pegasus controller (able to follow with the EMS instruction, connected to batteries and converters)


Why they chose us?

Modularity and flexibility

What interested Solkompaniet is the modularity of our solution. They only have to determine how many kW they need as well as the required capacity of the batteries and we can easily adapt our solution.

However, as every project is different, customization and additional functionalities can be added if necessary.

More than just a converter

Another key point in this collaboration is the converter we use. Indeed, our Hercules can be used for energy storage but also as an UPS for backup thanks to the 3-ports technology. Moreover, as it is certified grid-interactive for Europe (EN50549-1:2019) and Belgium (C10/11 Synergrid), it is compliant with FCR and FRR.

Example of on-going project

A solar panel plant in the south of Sweden (Tvååker) will be equipped in about one year with a large battery pack. The objective of the project is to stabilize the grid and optimize the power output. How? By using the electricity produced on-site instead of taking it from the grid. The system provided is made of 1MWh batteries and 400kW power converter Hercules.

Solkompaniet - Installation Varberg

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