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RE/SOURCED project with Stabiliti

Use case - Resourced Zwevegem
RE/SOURCED project Commercial and Industrial Smart grid with renewable energies and energy storage Stabiliti and Inview X

Energy communities, solution in the energy transition

The energy transition poses many challenges and one of the solutions is the energy communities. Why? Because in this infrastructure, you share your renewable production (solar, wind, hydro) or exchange surpluses, making sustainable and affordable energy more feasible for everyone and support the grid.

RE/SOURCED project, a big scale experiment


In this context, the RE/SOURCED project was launched with the aim at developing a circular, self-sufficient and smart grid. RE/SOURCED stands for Renewable Energy SOlutions for URban communities based on Circular Economy policies and DC backbones. Located on a former power station from 1912, the Transfor heritage site in Zwevegem (Belgium) is where the magic will happen.


The goal of this project is to fully feed a site with locally produced renewable energy. The direct current network connects a set of renewable sources (solar panels and medium-sized wind turbine) and energy storage (batteries, hydroelectric storage and vehicle-to-grid).

Stabiliti, ideal solution for DC connections

The solution offered by CE+T, illustrated in the blue box with dotted line in the drawing, is part of a whole project as shown in the figure below.

The tender was divided into several packs and our Stabiliti was a perfect match for one of them. Indeed, CE+T Energrid was awarded a contract for the Energy Storage System connected to the DC backbone made of:

DC-DC converters (Stabiliti)

There is a DC backbone at 700VDC to which a series of renewable energy sources and a DC EV charging station are connected. Our multidirectional converter, Stabiliti, allows the exchange of energy between the batteries on the one hand the sources and users of the DC backbone on the other hand. Several units are connected in parallel to get the right power.

Batteries (2nd life BattPack)

The batteries charge or discharge energy from the battery cells under the control of the integrated BMS, which ensures that the specific characteristics of the cells are taken into account in order to prevent their degradation and extend their life.

Controller / EMS (Inview X)

CE+T’s solution includes our Inview X, to have an overview of the energy flows to optimize them, specifically for each of the renewable resources. The Inview X controller has several functions. Of course, it takes care of the basic safety and operational maintenance of the energy system. On top of that, it has an intelligent EMS which can work under external control and perform a wide range of functions autonomously such as:

  • Self-consumption
  • Energy Arbitrage
  • Peak-shaving
  • Automatic and manual charging/discharging

What’s for the future?

The contract of this part of the tender was awarded by CE+T Energrid. We are also applying for another part of this contract via one of our partners to manage the energy from the solar panels. We are confident that our Stabiliti can play a role in many parts of this project, thanks to its 3 ports, modularity and flexibility.

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